You are conflating moderate with pacifist. It is not about seeing the fine people on both sides. Moderate simply means that you are looking at a specific issue and making a decision on that issue instead of aligning completely with a particular group or affiliation. I refuse to side with Republicans on every issue. I refuse to side with Democrats on every issue. Both sides can be wrong and often are. In an election where there are only two candidates to elect, I will side with the one that has the most checkmarks as a leader. However, that still doesn’t mean that I align 100% with their policies.

People that blindly follow causes because they don’t want to stand aside can find themselves on the wrong side of history. Just because a particular side has the louder voice does not make them right. It makes due process and the logical evaluation of evidence that much more paramount. The problem is that when both sides are too busy shouting at each other and building up their followers, nobody cares about evidence.

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