First off, I am a big fan of your style of writing. But, there are so many articles like this on Medium. Part of me thinks its a grab for views to be honest. There is an automatic assumption of the animus behind every transgression. As somebody that has worked retail and as a bank teller all through college and, even now, am working in a client-focused environment, let me unveil a secret: Nobody cares about anybody else in that store. As a stock boy, I cared about getting the produce on the shelves and interacting as little as possible with customers. As a teller, I tried to pitch the bank products to meet my quarterly goals and get back to reading my book. As an attorney, I care about whether my client was injured and we can make money off the case.

People are ignorant when pushing their carts. People are so self absorbed in their own worlds, 99.9% of them really don't care about you. I've been bumped into plenty. I've bumped into people because I was busy texting my sister what she wanted from the grocery aisle. I have lived in urban areas. I have lived in suburban areas. People think about you much less than you would expect.

An attorney by trade, a writer at heart. I sincerely believe in the power of words and ideas. Hoping to make my own meaningful contribution.

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