I appreciate you taking the time to read my article. A social contract is not enforceable and the idea is too ephemeral to carry any weight. A legal recognition of rights is enforceable and codified. In our society, each person is an individual with the power and authority to make decisions for themselves. In your examination of the impact of abortion, you are speculating that the child will end up accomplished and beneficial to society. If we're looking at potential outcomes, we can also assume that the child could end up being a murderer, rapist, a leach. In fact, if a child is born into an unwanted household without the resources to succeed or is otherwise put into the system, growing up without a family, then how do we presume the inherent benefit to society that such a child would bring.

The other issue is that women are not mandated to be pregnant. A woman can choose to live her whole life and never have kids. A married couple can live together and never want kids. In fact, if a family has kids that they cannot raise or afford, then you will have at least 3 additional individuals that are dependent on government assistance. Historically, banning abortions has caused more harm than good.

You are more than welcome to decide for yourself and choose a partner that hates the notion of abortion. However, that is your choice. Both child birth and abortions are medical decisions. Unless we decide that women stop being competent enough to make medical decisions for themselves, we have to respect their right to decide what to do with their bodies.

An attorney by trade, a writer at heart. I sincerely believe in the power of words and ideas. Hoping to make my own meaningful contribution.

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